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I started playing the guitar when i was a young boy and have been filled with an enthusiasm

For playing ever since. A few years ago this enthusiasm for the guitar extended to attemps of actually making guitars.


During my apprenticeship as a joiner i built my first solid electric guitars and bass guitars.

The ultimated challenge to me tough was in the making of steel string and classical guitars.


In order to progress this desire I realides thet professional help would be a step forward and i was accepted as a student at the prestigious „Newark School of Classical Guitar Making“ in England. I studied and learned the craft from the two world wide recognized makers Roy Courtnall and Tony Johnson who did inspire me and still is!


As a further step to extendmy skills as a luthier, I did a professional course in making and repairing violins, violas and cello.


Another great experience was the Guitar Making Course with Jose & Liam Romanillos in 2007 in Spain which was helpful to have an other perception about the spanish way of making guitars.


So- now have fun perusing my pages!

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